Radio Enhancement “BDA/DAS”

The tragedy of 9/11 intensified the need for reliable radio coverage to emergency responders within a building. Since then, at least 30 states have adopted — or will soon adopt — codes that concern first responder coverage. Radio Enhancement “BDA/DAS” Systems (ex. 800Mhz) provide a means to strengthen public safety radio frequencies as per Florida code requirements. Recognizing the crucial needs of our clients. Gulf Coast Fire & Integration has orchestrated an in-house team of BDA/DAS designers and integrator’s who are experts in Evaluation, Planning, Public Safety System Implementation and Certification.

Engineering Design of Radio Enhancement “BDA/DAS” Systems for Public Safety Radio Coverage

  • Experienced technicians with city and county compliance installation standards
  • In-house FCC certified licensee, with a general radio telephone operator’s license
  • Technical staff with Public Safety Radio System design, planning, and implementation experience
  • BDA/DAS installation experience, and in-house representatives
  • IB Wave, Sweep testing and other certifications